What’s in Your Home’s Water?

Aqua Sphere provides the ultimate final barrier protection against harmful water contaminants with a total home system so you can enjoy healthy water that protects your plumbing, appliances, skin, hair, & your health.

Our systems are backed by excellent warranties and installed & maintained by our team of local, certified technicians.

Protect Your Health & Your Family With a Whole Home Water Filtration System from Aqua Sphere

✓ Get clean water for your entire home

✓ Water free of chlorine, sediment, hardness, and other contaminants

✓ Virtuallly maintenance-free system installed by trained professionals

✓ We’ll do all the upkeep and remind when it’s time for checkups

Aqua Sphere installed a new water filtration and softener system on our well recently.

We can’t say enough great things about this company. The people we worked with were friendly and professional. From the initial visit to determine what we needed, to the follow up after the install, they were knowledgeable and great to work with.

They were so patient with us as we learned about their products and how our system works. I love the fact that they are going to help us maintain the system over the years to ensure our water is clean and healthy.

We highly recommend them. Great company!!

– The Craigs, A 5-Star Google Review

Did you know that each home’s water is different depending on a number of factors?

  • If you have a private well or public water supply
  • The age of your home’s plumbing
  • Your exact location (are you close to any farms or manufacturing plants?)

The first step to finding out exactly what’s in your water is to get a free professional home water test.

Know what’s in your water with a free, fast, & accurate water test from Aqua Sphere. Aqua Sphere offers free basic water testing in most local areas. Enter your postal code to see if you qualify for free water testing using or call us at (512) 746-7034!

Free Water Testing

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I have incredibly hard well water, and my wife asked me to find someone to put in a water softener for the house and water filtration for our drinking water. I feel like I hit a home run finding these guys. Alan came out and put in the water softener and a clean and clear water filer under the kitchen sink. Holy crap, the difference is night and day. No more stopped up shower heads, and my wife is tickled about not having the stained clothing in the washing machine and better drinking water than you can buy anywhere. I would highly recommend these folks to anyone. Great service, fair pricing, and these guys were telling me more about the chemistry of water than I knew existed. – John Bushong, A 5-Star Google Review

Whole-Home Water Filtration Impacts Your Entire Home & Your Health.

It is the ultimate solution for final barrier protection.

All across North America, more than 5,000 water treatment plants are in violation of governmental standards and contributing to the water health crisis for multiple reasons: 

  • Failure to properly test the water
  • Failure to report contamination
  • Failure to treat water properly

With any health crisis, it’s important to know and understand the facts and fortunately, the facts are easy to find with a simple water test.


  1. Get your water tested. Contact us at Aqua Sphere and we’ll test your water. Our basic test is free and we offer full 3rd party laboratory testing for non-basic contaminants.
  2. If we do find contaminants that exceed safe levels, we’ll alert you and let you know your options.
  3. We’ll help you interpret your results so you can make an educated decision about what to do next.

Click the plus (+) buttons in the image below to learn about how final barrier whole home filtration will protect your home and family from the damaging effects of untreated water.

We love it, installation was fast and courteous.
Installed a whole house filtering and softening system in February. My eczema is much better now and no more hard water stains in the shower!!
Another plus is savings on detergent for dishes and laundry. Thanks guys!!!
– Jutta Sikes, A 5-Star Google Review


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Local Florida Reviews

Debbie Shrull
Debbie Shrull
20:51 17 May 24
This is our first time getting a water softening system and our experience with AquaSphere has wonderful! First of all, their customer service is exceptional! They have been very informative and easy... to contact. It was important to us to use a local company for this reason. It was also important to us that they manufacture everything in the USA. I have noticed a considerable difference in the softness of my skin and hair since the installation. I wholeheartedly recommend this business.read more
Allison Shield
Allison Shield
01:43 03 Feb 24
This company wants to improve your home and make drinking water from the faucet better! No more buying water at the store. John and Tim were unbelievably knowledgeable. They care about helping... customers not pushing sales. We went from literally swimming pool water to totally drinkable straight from the faucet.read more
Daniela hull
Daniela hull
21:42 24 Aug 23
We love our water system we got from Aqua Sphere Inc. Zack and Bradley were awesome putting it in and we're very professional. The system is awesome the water taste great our dishes are cleaner and... our hair and skin feel so good after we shower we should have done this a long time ago. Thank you. Aqua Sphereread more